Me & My Blog

For Post Number 1, I just wanted to introduce myself and my blog, and let you all know what I plan to do.

Basically, I want to use this blog to share all the pretty, funny, and amazing things I find on the internet, to share my own love of fashion and style, and to spread the word about my handmade jewellery. Fingers crossed I can turn out something decent!

If you like fashion, history, beauty, art, travel, food, theatre, crafts and/or all of the above then you should find something here to interest you!

I put a brief introduction to myself on the ‘About’ page, but here we go again:

I’m a 20-yr old history student, originally from England but currently living in Dublin. I’m also a handmade jewellery designer, which is one of the main reasons this blog exists in the first place!

If you like what you see, please check out the ‘More!’ page and connect with me on other social networks- spread the word!

Thanks, and enjoy,


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