This Week’s Favourites

Just realised that I was so busy last week I completely forgot to do another ‘this week’s favourites’ post on Friday! Thankfully, it’s a bank holiday Monday, so I have plenty of time to organise myself and publish a post today. So here goes!


First ever Vogue cover, from 1892

Love this DIY fashion blog– some really great projects clearly explained.

Also, have a look at my own taste in clothes & accessories on my Fashion Obsessed Pinterest board– lots more pretty pins coming soon!


No specific book recommendations this week, but I am tempted to make my bookshelves look better with these colour-blocked bookshelf ideas!


LOVE this blog for cheap, healthy food. Actually kind of obsessed.


‘Devotion’ by English band Hurts, featuring Kylie Minogue. No idea why, but this has been stuck in my head all week. Playing on repeat on my ipod right now! Next week I’ll aim for some new(ish) music, but this was just too catchy to resist!

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