Lavenham: English Country Village

Last weekend, after a christening in Suffolk, my parents decided to visit the nearby village of Lavenham, and I tagged along. I’d been to Lavenham before, but not for quite a few years, and it was lovely to spend a quiet afternoon there, admiring all the historical architecture and interesting shops.

Lavenham is one of the best preserved medieval villages in England, with some stunning buildings. Best known are the sixteenth-seventeenth century Guildhall and the huge Church of St Peter and Paul, which claims the title of tallest village church tower in Britain. We didn’t go inside either of these buildings on this particular visit, but the village has no shortage of beautiful medieval buildings just lining the streets.

As well as visiting a lovely antique shop (unfortunately I can’t remember the name!), we visited the Little Hall- a sixteenth-century house with fourteenth-century origins, open to the public for just a small entrance fee. I absolutely love medieval houses, and this is one of my favourite examples, with lovely details such as an early medieval hall divided into two separate levels, with the massive wooden roof arch cutting right through the upper room.

Lavenham is undoubtedly a lovely place for a day out, with all its unique boutiques and little coffee shops- and unbeatable for anyone who likes medieval architecture as much as I do!

Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to pack my camera, but here are a few pictures from other sources, just to give you a feel for what the village is like (links at bottom of post).

Also, Lavenham may be the village most visited by tourists, but Suffolk is absolutely full of lovely old houses- some of the buildings my friends live in are museum-worthy!

Medieval house in Lavenham, Suffolk, England

Lavenham Guildhall, Suffolk, England

Medieval houses in Lavenham, Suffolk, England

Lavenham Church of St Peter and St Paul, Suffolk, England

Sources: Suffolk Tourist Guide, InfoBritain,, Bed&Breakfast Lavenham

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