This Week’s Favourites

Another week, another list of things I like!


Amazing! The world’s first invisible bike helmet. $600 is definitely pretty steep, but this is just such a fantastic idea!

I sell my handmade jewellery on Etsy, and I like to support other Etsy sellers- so check out my friend Sarah’s handmade cards!

Hair & Beauty

I’ve dyed my hair pretty much every shade of red/ginger going, and now I’m kind of tempted to try this reddish-plum hair colour– although it might be a very bad idea…


This week I was introduced to the Capital Comedy Club in Dublin– well worth a visit for anyone in the city! Some great stand up comedy, and tickets only €7/€5 for students.


Easy & tasty salad- toasted cashew and chilli broccoli salad with sesame soy dressing.

Thinking I might try this in the next few days- looks exactly my kind of thing! In a Hurry Green Curry Recipe. The rest of the blog archives are well worth a look too!


Still just a radio version as it’s not been released yet, but sounding very promising!

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