New Item: Pebble Ring

Although most of my jewellery is friendship bracelets, I do have a couple of other projects on the way- and here is one of them, a ring! The pebble fitting the setting was just sheer luck, as I actually bought them in for another project (which will hopefully be available on Etsy later today!) I also have a rather impressively sized collection of pebbles from recent visits to Bray and Killiney, so look out for lots more beach stone jewellery once I work out what to do with them all.

To view the full listing for this ring, click here, or keep reading!

Pebble Ring, Beach Stone Jewelry, Brown Stone and Blue Thread Ring

Handmade brown pebble ring- silver ring with blue thread and small brown pebble.

The pebble in this ring comes from the beach at Killiney, County Dublin, and is a lovely rich brown with two striking diagonal white lines across it. Hand varnished, the pebble is placed in a silver-toned setting, and a little bit of colour is added by vivid blue thread wrapped around the outside of the setting.

The ring is exactly 1 inch high and 0.75 inches wide.

Adjustable band.

Full Etsy listing here.

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