My Favourite High Street Buys

While a lot of my clothes are second-hand (whether from my mum, vintage shops or Ebay), and a lot were bought as spur of the moment purchases, I do have some set patterns, and places that I always return to for the same items. I thought it would be interesting to share them and see if anyone else has similar go-to shops for certain high street fashion buys!

Topshop for jeans

Obviously, there’s no one place which does the best jeans for absolutely everyone. But if you find somewhere that makes jeans in exactly the right size, then it makes sense to keep buying them! I’m exactly the right size and shape for Topshop jeans, luckily, so I buy almost all of my pairs there- it’s so reassuring to know that something should fit well, even if I don’t have time to try it on (I hate trying on clothes in shops anyway).

Forever 21 for bandage skirts

Tight-fitting skirts are my No.1 piece for going out outfits, for layering under other things, or for wearing with tights & big jumpers! Forever 21 is great because they sell absolutely tons of them, in all sorts of colours, patterns and styles- and all for nice low prices. I fail to see the point in paying extra for what is essentially a tube of fabric- there’s a limit to what even the most expensive shop can do to improve the cut and fit of the skirt, after all!

New Look for ballet pumps

I always destroy a pair of ballet pumps in a matter of months, if not weeks, regardless of how expensive they were, so in this area it’s definitely better to go for the cheaper option! New Look always has a very wide range for low prices, and I find that they’re generally really comfortable even when brand new.

Fat Face for socks

A slightly more unusual one, but I LOVE the woolly socks and tights in Fat Face. Some grey wool leggings that I bought there a couple of years ago are still one of my favourite items of clothing.

I’d love to know where everyone else buys their ‘staple’ items of clothing- I’m always on the lookout for more great places & tips so if you’d like to leave a comment, it would be great to hear from you!

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