Jewellery Sale!

I’ve been thinking about the best direction for my jewellery shop, Seri Marea, to go in, and I plan to concentrate on my limited edition and/or custom made pieces rather than one-offs- although I will still be making those as well!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to hold a sale for some of my older one-of-a-kind pieces to clear out my stock and help me focus on my new plan! Each of the three items listed below will have €5 off for a limited time only! If it works well then I may run another one of these, but I can’t really lower prices otherwise, as I charge what my jewellery costs me in terms of materials and money.

Rose Quartz & Pyrite Bracelet

Was €13; now only €8!

Rose quartz beads and a single pyrite chunk on a piece of recycled genuine white leather.

8 inches in length

Lobster clasp fastening

Buy here!

Seashell Earrings with Gold Feather Charms

Was €15, now only €10!

A beautiful pair of matched natural seashells from the Essex coastline, with two gold-toned feather charms attached using bright yellow thread.

Buy here!

Bright Orange Thread and Rhinestones Bracelet

Was €15, now only €10!

A chain of clear rhinestones wrapped in bright tangerine thread. The rhinestones are also carefully hand-painted to add a slight vintage feel.

Lobster clasp fastening

Buy here!

Wish me luck! Also, I’d love to hear some opinions on my work, so if you’ve had a look at my Etsy shop or jewellery articles here on this blog, then please let me know what you thought in the comments below!



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