Assorted & Unconnected Fashion Tips

I have a few assorted bits & pieces of fashion-related advice which some people may find useful! They are absolutely in no way connected to each other, but I thought I might as well throw them all into one post.

  • Silk scarves as belts- I love silk scarves, especially cheap charity shop buys, and I think they look great as colourful, unusual belts! Just a suggestion for another way to wear them.
  • Reheel boots straight away- makes such a big difference to how well they wear, and if you find a good cobbler then this can be really cheap! Especially worth it for an expensive pair of boots- if you get them heeled regularly then they could quite possible last for ever.
  • Buy ballgowns on Ebay- a bit of an odd one, but for black-tie type dresses, Ebay is fantastic! People often buy hugely expensive dresses, wear them once, then realise they have no further use for them. I’ve bought plenty of gorgeous dresses for reductions like £30 instead of £200, and they’re in such good condition that you’d never guess they’d been worn
  • Find a good tailor/seamstress- someone who can make clothes fit you perfectly without charging a fortune. When I’m at home with my parents, I take clothes to a lady nearby who will fix pretty much any problem for £5. Amazing! We found her by asking at our local dry cleaner’s- maybe you could try the same!

I’d love to hear any other tips & suggestions- just leave them in the comments box!

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