Colourblocked Hand Painted Antique Padlock Necklace

I’ve been meaning to add a new item to my Etsy store for a few days now, but somehow it just didn’t seem to happen. Anyway, I finally took some photos this morning and got the listing up, so here it is- my colourblocked antique padlock necklace!

The key to the padlock is long lost, so it had been lying around for years uselessly, but for some reason I never threw it out. Then I came up with the idea of making it into a piece of jewellery- but just stringing a tatty old padlock onto a chain seemed a little boring. So I decided to paint it!

I especially love the bright cherry red that I used for the main area of the padlock, and I like the primary colour scheme in general- red, blue and yellow.

The silver snake-style chain is very long (38 inches in total), which I think works well with the fairly substantial weight and size of the padlock. The slim, simple style also means that the bright colours can stand out.

See the full listing here!

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