This Week’s Favourites

Once again, I slipped up and managed to miss my usual Friday deadline for  a list of this week’s favourites. My intentions were good, I promise! But better late than never- here it is.


I’ve been back at university this week, so back to reading. For anyone interested in history books, a quick sample that I can suggest from this week are Religions of Rome, A History of Florence and The Architecture of the Italian Renaissance. Yes, it’s been a very Italian-themed week.

Hair & Beauty

After years of having dyed my hair red, I decided to take the plunge and go blonde! Not completely- I still have plenty of red blended through, and red underneath, but the difference is huge and I love it! Definitely one of my favourite things this week. Any product recommendations for my new blonde hair would be very gratefully received.

I love all of the tutorials the Pixiwoo girls put up on Youtube, but while browsing this week, I especially enjoyed this Eva Green/Vesper make up tutorial– it’s completely over the top but so beautiful, plus I love Eva Green. Maybe one to try for a night out sometime.


It’s been a busy week, with a lot of speed cooking and bought meals, but I did make this burger with mozzarella and courgette fries, which was absolutely delicious!


I own a lot of scarves, so it’s great to have another idea for something I can do with them! How to turn a scarf into a vest tutorial.


Your Argument is Irrelephant. Because why not.



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