This Week’s Favourites

I might as well just start publishing these on Saturday every week- I never seem to get them finished by Friday!

Fashion & Beauty

Thanks to Twitter, I discovered the lovely Olive and Frank – beautiful clothes and accessories. I especially love the jewellery! It’s all very affordable as well, so I suspect I’ll be caving and buying something very soon!

Also related to jewellery, I just want to once again mention the giveaway Kylie from Lazy to Lovely is running on her blog- she’s giving away two pieces of my jewellery! If you could pass on & share this link, that would be great- I really appreciate any extra publicity! Lazy to Lovely Giveaway

I discovered this idea thanks to the Glamour website, and I think I might have to try it out- DIY crochet hair ties! I’m a total crochet beginner, but it doesn’t look too tricky, and they’d be a great hair accessory for autumn.

I also stumbled across this website: Daniel Wellington Watches. Absolutely love all of these watches! Definitely on my wishlist- I could really do with a nice watch.


Me, My Shelf and God– this made me laugh so much! Entertaining book titles from the theology section.

My book recommendation for the week is A History of Florence 1200-1575 by John Najemy– as well as studying the history and architecture of Florence at university this term, I have a trip to Florence planned in January which I’m already really looking forward to! This book is very detailed and informative, but also very readable.


This meteorite buddha statue is pretty amazing!


I’ve had this song on repeat all week. It’s beautiful, in a slightly sad way.

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