Recent Recipes

Just a quick roundup of a few things I’ve cooked & enjoyed recently:

Poblano, black bean and mango quesadillas

Absolutely delicious! Very easy to make as well, and I love anything with black beans in just because they’re so cheap. The chilli and oregano was a great combination, and definitely one I’ll use again! I also don’t tend to eat a lot of fruit, so a savoury way to eat mango is perfect for me.

Greek chickpea salad

Unfortunately I don’t have a link to the original recipe. Essentially, this was chickpeas, red onion, cucumber, mint, feta, olives, mustard, crushed garlic, olive oil, parsley and lemon juice. Mix it all up, stick it in a bowl, and you have a delicious salad!

Indonesian bean stew

Again, no recipe, but I altered it quite substantially anyway. Fried onions, red/yellow pepper (I used both) and garlic, with kidney beans, black beans and peanut butter added, finished off with lots of curry powder and cumin. The original recipe suggested tinned tomatoes, but I don’t particularly like tomato, so I decided to leave them out. This makes a lovely thick, tasty stew. Peanut butter is one of my favourite foods, and it goes surprisingly well with the curry powder!

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