This Week’s Favourites

So, due to a dead laptop charger, I wasn’t able to get my usual This Week’s Favourites post up over the weekend, but here it is. Better late than never!

Hair & Beauty

5 Foods You Have in Your Kitchen that Should Be in Your Hair– some really good ideas!

I have a thing for leopard print makeup. I don’t know why. And yes, I have worn in just on an average night out. Leopard Eyes Makeup Tutorial


Easy carrot soup– I made this the other night with lots of melty blue cheese added right at the end- delicious and incredibly easy! I love that so many different variations are suggested.


I have a new custom friendship bracelet pattern up on my blog! If you’ve been following my friendship bracelet tutorials, you may recognise it…


Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry- I’d completely forgotten about this booke until StumbleUpon reminded me that it was one of my childhood favourites! I wonder if it would still seem as good…

Unfortunately the rest of my reading has been very university-based, and probably far too obscure for anyone else to be interested in!


Cheesy, but still true! I’ve learnt that…

39 Easy DIY Ways to Create Art for Your Walls


After liking a couple of their songs, I just got the Imagine Dragons album- and I love it!



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