This Week’s Favourites

Hair & Beauty

Glamour’s guide to flawless makeup in a hurry


Oswald & Kane– owned and run by a good friend of mine, Oswald & Kane is a brand new clothing company, specialising in British-made shirts. Their website has only just come online this week, and it’s really really worth a look- the shirts are beautiful and the quality is amazing!

I came across Accessory Foundary this week- they have some beautiful jewellery, bags and other accessories. I especially love this agate bracelet, this druzy ring, and these aqua crystal earrings.


How to make oat breakfast bars– a great idea for making cheap, healthy snacks! I have a week off lectures coming up, so I think I’ll make a batch of these while I have time!

Elvis Presley’s Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich– this sounds absolutely unbelievable! Bananas are on the list for my next shopping list!


Old, but awesome.



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