Pretty New Packaging!

I mentioned in my last post that I’d decided it was time to change my old tissue-paper packaging- and now I finally have pictures ready to show you of an example! This is the first of my new boxes, decorated with a embroidery thread in a contrasting colour- after all, with my focus on friendship bracelets, how could I not include thread in my packaging design?

Each item of jewellery will be packaged in a different colour box- I have so many gorgeous patterns ready and waiting to go! Also, although you can’t see it in the picture, the box is also lined with brightly coloured tissue paper, just to help keep the jewellery nice and padded.

Obviously, each little box will still be shipped inside a padded brown paper envelope for extra protection and ease of postage. But I just think it makes such a difference when the dreary brown envelope opens up into something as pretty as this! Plus, it makes my jewellery even better as Christmas presents- with absolutely no effort required, you can hand over a present that’s beautiful on the inside and the outside!

If you’d like to have one of these beauties arriving in the post for you, order now from Seri Marea Jewellery! (and remember that all orders in November and December come with a free gift!)

2 responses to “Pretty New Packaging!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty pleased with it, think it makes such a difference when the whole shopping experience is just as pretty as the jewellery! Hope you enjoy my shop 🙂

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