This Week’s Favourites


Today I tried making homemade chicken nuggets! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of the coating compared to how much chicken I was using, so there were a lot of bare patches. I’ll know better next time, and they were still absolutely delicious! I ate them with sweet potato chips and a honey, mustard, yoghurt and mayonnaise dip. So good!

I don’t seem to have had much free time lately, but if I do get some, then I definitely want to try this banana chocolate cake!


I haven’t included interior design on my lists of favourites before, but this beautiful chateau was just too stunning to leave out!

Hair & Beauty

Love this microbead cross manicure! I just know it would only last five minutes on me though…


After a fairly long period of inactivity, my Tumblr is up and running again! Check it out here: Mess is Perfection. I update all the time, so if you’re a Tumblr user yourself then follow me to make sure you don’t miss anything!

A weekly dose of cute- this baby monkey playing with an iPhone is incredibly adorable!


Something lovely and calm for last thing on a Saturday night.

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