This Week’s Favourites


After starting to decorate my flat today, I’m in a very Christmassy mood- so here’s some hazelnut hot chocolate with minted whipped cream and a delicious-sounding Christmas popcorn recipe!

On a less-Christmassy but still tasty note, here are some muffin recipes.


There are absolutely tons of things I’d like to buy on Yesstyle- like this patterned wool dress, this lace shoulder wool top and this deer bracelet. I’ve never bought anything from there before though- has anyone else tried them?


For anyone interested in jewellery making, I’ve started working my way through these chainmaille tutorials. So far I’ve only tried a few easy ones, but I’m hoping to work my way up to the advanced examples! You can actually see one of the simpler chains on my recent chain friendship bracelet.

I’m also thinking of making a bracelet with some studs and/or spikes soon, and it may turn out a little like this DIY cone spike bracelet.

Cute Things

Bear says hi! Reminds me of seeing an elephant wave goodbye at the zoo a few years ago!

And a happy pig!



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