This Week’s Favourites

I skipped last week just because I was so busy, so it’s time for an extra-big mid-week post! Enjoy a bit of Boxing Day reading!

Fashion & Beauty

I absolutely love this DIY cropped silk singlet– definitely worth trying out! And if you like this, then you might like my DIY fashion tutorials post as well.

This is kind of crazy, but I like it anyway- Diamond eyeliner jewellery. Does anyone else agree with me, or is sticking tiny diamonds to your eyelids just plain ridiculous?

Nothing particularly new or exciting, but still helpful- 10 common beauty mistakes and how to avoid them – also see Part 2

I’m always on the lookout for new online clothing shops, and this week, I came across Lily Boutique. There’s some really lovely things!


On Friday, I was lucky enough to be treated to a delicious lunch at Vanilla Black near Chancery Lane, London, and I definitely reccommend it to anyone else who happens to be in the area! It’s a vegetarian restaurant, but not like any other vegetarian food you’ve ever tried! Each dish was a complete surprise, and everything I tried tasted amazing, if a little unusual.


Animal mums & babies

Family Gathering


I don’t actually have an iPhone, but if I did, it would wear one of these- iPhone cases

You’ve probably already seen these underwater dog photos, but if not then they’re definitely worth a look!


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