Oswald and Kane Review

I’ve been following British clothing brand Oswald and Kane since their earliest beginnings, and a few weeks ago I finally bought one of their beautiful ladies’ shirts. I went for the Eton shirt,  a muted grey-blue and white stripe, which I thought would be great for wearing with lots of different colours and styles.

Just to start off, I’ll give a little bit of background information on Oswald and Kane. The company produces entirely British-made clothes, based on British traditions of tailoring and shirt-making. That means that every part of the shirts’ construction takes place in the UK, rather than being outsourced to cheaper factories abroad. Oswald and Kane is run by Jess Roche who, amazingly, was only 19 when she set up the company, and has personally dealt with every aspect of its development.

So, on to the shirt!

First of all, the fabric is absolutely beautiful. I’ve never been much of a shirt-wearer- they’ve always reminded me too much of school uniforms- but this is so silky and luxurious that I loved it at once. It hangs very nicely as well, so even though I was worried that the shirt would be a little too big, it actually hangs just as nicely relaxed as it would be more fitted.

I’ve only worn my shirt once or twice so far, so I can’t comment yet on how well it will hold up over time, but fingers crossed it wears well, because I hope to keep wearing it for a very long time!

To find out more about Oswald and Kane, visit their website at www.oswaldandkane.com

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