A Week in Warsaw

My blog has been pretty quite lately- not only have I been busy house hunting, but I was lucky enough to spend a week visiting a friend in Warsaw!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so this particular post doesn’t have any photos attached, but I still wanted to give a quick overview of my trip.

Unlike Prague, which I visited earlier in the summer, Warsaw doesn’t seem to be a particularly tourist-focused city. The majority of people on my flight from London were Polish rather than English tourists, and the museums and other tourist attractions seemed fairly quiet. My Polish friend did suggest that this might be because August is not the best time to visit Warsaw- temperatures were in the high thirties fpr most of my trip, which isn’t ideal for walking around a city!

I visited Łazienki Park, which was absolutely beuatiful, and looked at the various little palaces there, as well as wandering around the park and feeding the squirrels. The pancakes in the restaurant there were delicious, and the ice cream really shouldn’t be missed! I actually returned to the park at the end of my trip as well, to take advantage of the free Chopin concert at 12 noon every Sunday during the summer (Chopin is one of Warsaw’s most famous citizens).

Other highlights of the trip were the terrace on the 33rd floor of the Palace of Culture and Science, the Royal Castle and surrounding Old Town, the Old Masters galleries in the National Museum, and the Warsaw Uprising Museum. I also enjoyed some lovely restaurants and managed to fit in a good bit of shopping- Poland is very cheap, and the sales were fantastic!

Warsaw overall seemed to be a very affordable city, and I’d definitely recommend it as a European city break that’s a little off the usual tourist trail!

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