Stacking Bracelets Set

After introducing my first stacking bracelet set quite a while ago, I finally got round to the second one! I really love these delicate layered bracelets, so hopefully the third set won’t be quite so long in coming.

This particular set contains three bracelets: one in pink thread with a turquoise bead, one in pale blue thread with a tiny piece of moonstone crystal chain, and one made from braided lavender, sage, and metallic blue thread. Each of them is beautiful on its own (especially the moonstone bracelet, in my opinion), but they work particularly well as a set.


turquoise crystal and braid layered bracelets 5 moonstone crystal bracelet braided thread metallic bracelet turquoise braceletView the full listing and buy here: Stacking Bracelet Set (Turquoise, Moonstone and Metallic Braided Thread)

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