All About Mirror Square Bracelets

A few days ago, I published a post about my beaded friendship bracelets, and I decided to follow up today with a post on my mirror square bracelets! Like the beads, mirror squares are an extra that I offer with my personalised friendship bracelets- something to make your bracelet just a little bit more special!

black and white mirror bracelet 1

The mirror squares actually come from a damaged and unwanted disco ball! It seemed a shame to just throw them all away, so I now have a stash of salvaged mirror squares all waiting to be given a new life as a piece of jewellery. Helpfully, they’re the perfect size to fit neatly on to friendship bracelets.zigzag mirror bracelet 2

Attaching the mirrors is much less time consuming than embroidering on beads, which is why the mirror square bracelets are a little less expensive. They still add a great texture and shimmer to the bracelet though, and really stand out from plain and simple friendship bracelets!neon-mirror-3a

Fun fact: my mum actually bought the black and white bracelet at the top of the page!

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