What’s your bracelet style?

Not quite sure what sort of bracelet would really suit your style best? I’ve put together a quiz to give you some handy hints, and if you scroll down, I’ve included some suggestions from my Etsy shop- a section for each style! So give the quiz a go, and find out which of my handmade bracelets would work best for you!

Boho Style

boho bracelet styles

If boho/hippy is your ideal bracelet style, try layered turquoise and moonstone skinny bracelets, vintage rhinestones, a delicate moonstone and gold hand chain, or bright colours and mirrors.

Classic Elegance

classic elegance bracelet styles

If you prefer your jewellery understated and classic, but still want a handmade touch, try a pure white infinity pattern bracelet, an elegant Love charm bracelet, something slim and simple, or a classic monogram friendship bracelet.

Rock & Roll

rock and roll bracelet styles

Go for something tougher with studs, skull beads, pyrite chunks, or a white leather wrap bracelet.

Glitz & Glamour

glitz and glamour braclet styles

At the opposite end of the spectrum, add a splash of colour and sparkle to your outfit with a rhinestone jaguar charm, mirror squares, hand-embroidered seed beads or bright, colourful gemstones.


casual bracelet styles

And if you really aren’t sure if jewellery is for you, try out something simple, like a delicate seashell cord bracelet, skinny bracelets in subdued colours, a made-to-order chevron friendship bracelet, or a tiny heart charm.

I hope that you enjoyed the quiz! Which style did you get? Do you think the bracelet suggestions would be something you’d like to buy and wear?

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